Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Oscars of my highschool career

Sometimes, getting ready for an event is in actuality more fun than the occasion. Case in point, this year's prom.

I was laughingly joking with my mum that this will probably be the last 'all-out' event before my own wedding, that's how intense it was. 

However, despite a teeny-tiny bit of nerves and stress, it all worked out well in the end, the piece de la resistance of my look being the Rhea Costa dress. I cannot stop talking about it or swishing around the house in it humming the Cinderella song 'So this is love'. It's just how it makes me feel; it's completely different, out of this world elegant and sheer, tastefully shimmery and can we just talk about that a line skirt? Can you see how dreamy it swils around?? And it's a true reflection of the designer's entire collection, they're all equally as ethereally beautiful. Oh and I may or may not have mentioned it's a Romanian brand - the perfect opportunity to showcase homecountry talent!

I paired the icy blue dress with incredibly high (for me) heels from Kurt Geiger which, I'm sorry but they are all sold out now, and a clutch white bag from Zara as I didn't want it to distract from the dress and I also don't get along well with satin-y things so this was perfect. head :)). It took some work, mother nature was just not cooperating that day, but thank goodness for makeup! I opted for a subtle and natural looking makeup at the DIOR counter in Selfridges - ask for Rachel, she's the best - and for a front braid with loose curls at William Thomas Gaughan's salon. 

'Nuf said, just look at the picture and appreciate the attempt at a photo shoot!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My view for the summer

The craziness has begun people! 

I'm currently living off a suitcase (giant as it may be) and until uni...well let's just say I'll be more in airports than in my living room. Don't fret, I'll still be posting despite the hectic schedule, melting summer -35 degrees in Bucharest, 'nuf said- and background tunes of drilling machines. 

Ohh, the glamour!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Romanian Blouse Day

It's really heartwarming and tearjerking when small initiatives find their echo in a wider community. And this is why I have loved and followed 'La Blouse Roumaine', the mastermind behind making the traditional Romanian blouse a staple of national identity and pride, in an era when we're being told that we should dismiss the past and only look to the future.

But...then wouldn't we loose touch with our heritage, our roots? As much as we want to be independent, a clearly outlined individual, we can't always fight the natural yearning to belong to a bigger picture. In the same way that as much as I initially wanted to fit in and become all-British, I realised that what defines me lies in the past, the Romanian past to be more precise.

It so happened that I was wearing a Romanian blouse when visiting the hands-down most beautiful place in England, Blenheim Palace. No, that's a complete lie, it was all planned :) But for once I'm so happy of the outcome and that I did my blouse justice - a return into nature, a keyhole into the past and one proud girlie. 

Oh and don't forget to put the all important hashtag to good use (better than in most days anyway) and post a picture of  #lablouseroumaine

Mango T.O.U.C.H tote bag, Hobbs sandals, Anthropologie shorts

If we assume man has been corrupted by an artificial civilisation, what is the natural state? The state of nature from which he has been removed? Imagine wandering up and down the forest, without industry, without speech and without home - J.J Rousseau

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Time to think of summer!

Oysho bikini (HERE); Victoria's Secret Linen Beach Trousers (HERE); Asos body chain (HERE); River Island sunnies (HERE); Nivea in shower moisturiser (HERE)

Dreaming of my impending trip to the sandy beaches, I cannot wait! I'm very into the blue and yellow combination for bikinis, I think it looks very flattering even when you haven't quite gotten enough of a tan.
The other thing I know I'll be relying on is the Nivea moisturiser, it's truly a life saver! You know that feeling when you're just too lazy and too in rush to properly massage body lotion into your skin only to have your cold shirt stick to the cream? Yep, nothing to do with this one! You simply apply on clean skin and rinse off and you're left with about 12 hours' worth of smooth skin, fragrant with the signature Nivea smell (they do have other scents too)!